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Posted on | November 19, 2010 | 166 Comments

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How Does an Infrared Sauna Cause Weight Loss?

    Energy Penetration

  1. Infrared is an invisible form of energy that is accepted by the human body as heat. Organic molecules have a tendency to vibrate when they come in contact with infrared energy. Infrared has the ability to penetrate into deep tissues of the body, creating heat among muscles, organs and fat. The body has an immediate reaction to the infrared and raises the heart rate and metabolic rate in response. The heat causes the body to sweat, releasing fluids and resulting in immediate weight loss. An increase in the body’s metabolic rate will also have a direct effect on the way it processes foods and the effectiveness of exercise.

    Fat Liquidation

  2. The sweat released from the pores often carries fat molecules as well. Fat cells liquefy at 43 degrees Celsius, and can be released through the pores along with sweat during a typical 30-minute infrared sauna session. The weight loss is more than water weight; it is actual fat loss, which can aid in the reduction of cellulite. Fat loss directly related to infrared saunas is also believed to have an effect on cholesterol levels in the body.

    Calories Burned

  3. In addition to a reduction in water retention and fat stores, infrared saunas also promote weight loss through the burning of calories. The body naturally burns calories when it sweats, and a normal infrared sauna session produces so much sweat that the body can burn up to 800 calories in one session.

    Best Results

  4. In order to have the best weight loss results, be sure to drink plenty of water before an infrared sauna session in order to stay hydrated. Without adequate amounts of water, the body will not be able to sweat as much as it needs to, thus inhibiting fat cells and toxins from leaving the body. It will also leave you feeling dry-mouthed and dehydrated.
    Also, be sure to cleanse any lotions or creams from the skin before getting into an infrared sauna. Lotions can clog pores, thus keeping sweat and fat inside the body. After showering or cleansing, put on a bathing suit or nothing at all in order to get optimal weight loss from the sauna.
    Make sure to combine infrared sauna therapy with a healthy diet and exercise. Include more vegetables, whole grains and fruits in your daily routine, while eliminating processed foods and enriched white flour. This combination could be just enough to help you reach your goals for health and weight loss.


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